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13 Days to Freedom by MiaxDanny 13 Days to Freedom :iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 0 0
Shadow's Nightmares Part 6
   “Traffic is backed up on the south side of Speed Highway reports say that travel will be slow…”
   Sonic yawned, listening to the news drone on. He was watching t.v. with Shadow, Tails already having gone to bed. There wasn’t really anything on since it was late. He was snuggled up to the darker hedgehog on the couch, who was leaning against the armrest, running a hand absentmindedly down his back.
He felt bored and he wasn't sleepy yet. He sat up, sitting in Shadow’s lap.
“What is it?”
“Nothing, just bored.” The blue hedgehog shrugged, playing with the white tufts of fur on Shadow's chest.
“I can fix that.” The dark agent when said with a smirk. He pulled Sonic down by the collar of his sweater. He connected their lips together, pulling Sonic closer to deepen the kiss.
When they pulled away, there was a blush decorating the blue hero’s pale cheeks.
“Whoa!” Sonic exclaimed as Shad
:iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 4 4
Shadow's Nightmares pg 1 by MiaxDanny Shadow's Nightmares pg 1 :iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 2 2
My Sonic AU
Okay I finally explain my AU so everyone (that cares) will understand how the story and future stories go.
Okay so I changed the characters’ ages. There is no reason, I just wanted it that way. So here are the ages (at the moment):
Sonic: 19
Shadow: 23
Tails: 6
Knuckles: 21
Rouge: 22
Cream: 6
Espio: 14
Amy: 16
Silver: 16
Vector: 25
Charmey: 6
Ms.Vanilla: 30
Eggman: OLD
I think that’s everyone. If I missed any of the main characters, tell me.
Okay so backstory time
Sonic is Tails’ brother (obviously). Sonic found Tails when he was 2, Sonic was 15. At this age, it was okay for him to live by himself, so he took in Tails and looks after him (with help from Ms. Vanilla). Sonic still has a brother and sister, Manic and Sonia. His mom is still the Queen and he visits them sometimes. He’s still a hero taking down Eggman.
Shadow was created on the ARK. Maria was like his sister. She died, not before sending him to earth. 50 years later Eggman revives him, he doesn
:iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 0 0
Sonic and Shadow by MiaxDanny Sonic and Shadow :iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 11 0
Shadow's Nightmares Part 5
‘Vrrr vrrr’
‘Vrrr vrrr’
A hand reached out to grab the device making the offending noise in the night. Or was it morning? He couldn’t tell.
“Hello?” He answered, sounding like he swallowed gravel.
“SHADOW WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!??? HAVEN'T YOU REALIZED THAT YOU’RE BEING AN ASSHOLE AND ALL SONIC DOES IS WORRY ABOUT YOU!!??” He pulled the phone away from his ear, not wanting to have hearing loss.
“Rouge, calm down. I'm pretty sure they can hear you from the other side of the world.”
“Now is not the time to be making jokes!” The bat snapped at him. But she did calm down a little. “What's been going on with you? Sonic said you haven't been home in a week.”
Shadow sighed. “Nothing's going on.”
“Bullshit.” She said immediately. “I know you two have been fighting a lot. What's the-” She paused and quickly added. “You haven't been cheating have yo
:iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 4 3
Shadow's Nightmares Part 4
The hotel room was quiet other than the low buzzing of the cheap lights and the sound of someone tossing and turning endlessly. That someone being a certain dark hedgehog. He was having another nightmare. Considering he hasn’t gotten sleep in a couple of days, it’s understandable.
He’s been trying to avoid sleep for this very reason. He thought leaving in the afternoon and coming back in the morning would make it less suspicious to what he was doing. Turns out it wasn’t. Seeing as his leaving all the time upset Sonic, who thought he was being disloyal to him. It hurt him that Sonic thought that, but what was he supposed to think? And because Sonic was upset they got into an argument, again. They managed to work it out some how. That was the night Shadow thought it would be okay to go to sleep.
He was wrong.
That night he had another nightmare. It wasn’t as bad as his other nightmares, but it was a lot more confusing. He was seeing things he didn’t un
:iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 4 3
Shadow's Nightmares Part 3
   “Hello! You’ve reached the voicemail of Sonic.”
“And Tails!”
“We can’t answer the phone right now, so leave a message after the beep.”
The beep went off and a another voice started talking. “Hey, Sonic.” It was Knuckles. “When are you getting here? Tails has been waiting for you. You didn't forget about him did you?”
Sonic sat up quickly. “Shit!” He did forget. He’s been so upset over Shadow, he forgot about Tails.
“We're at Rouge’s place. Just please come pick him up. He's worried about you.” The line clicks off.
Sonic jumps up from the couch, grabs his backpack and shoes and races out the door.
Tails is sitting on one of the bar stools. The glass he was drinking out of was empty and he was slumped against the counter. Rouge comes by, patting his head, she says, “Want a refill on your milkshake, hun?” He shakes his head a bit. The white bat gives him a s
:iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 4 3
Happy b-day Vikky! by MiaxDanny Happy b-day Vikky! :iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 0 0 Happy Easter (2017) by MiaxDanny Happy Easter (2017) :iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 5 0 Shadow Sketches by MiaxDanny Shadow Sketches :iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 7 3 Episode 2 epilogue part 4 by MiaxDanny Episode 2 epilogue part 4 :iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 1 3 More Doodles by MiaxDanny More Doodles :iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 5 0
Shadow's Nightmares Part 2
The house was quiet, other than the slight tapping sounds of a certain hedgehog drumming his fingers on the table top. He let out a tired sigh. He had been up all night waiting for Shadow to come home.
He never did.
Sonic had tried to call him several times, until he realized the dark hedgehog turned off his phone, since it went straight to voicemail. He had called Rouge earlier to ask her if she knew where Shadow had ran off to. She didn’t. He didn’t call anyone else, since Shadow never went to anyone, other than Rouge and himself, when he was upset.
Sonic folded his arms on the table to rest his head on. Shadow would come home when he feels like it. But who knows how long that will take? There was a low pitched ringing coming from his phone. He snatched it up quick, hoping it was Shadow calling him back. It wasn’t. But he wasn’t too disappointed at who answered.
“Morning Sonic! How’s it going?” Tails’ chipper voice came through the spea
:iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 8 7
School Doodles 2 by MiaxDanny School Doodles 2 :iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 4 0 School doodles  by MiaxDanny School doodles :iconmiaxdanny:MiaxDanny 6 0
Im not the greatest, but I'm trying! ;)


Electa by Sunstar789 Electa :iconsunstar789:Sunstar789 7 9
Steve Rogers x Reader (Deaf) Fired
“What’s with the box?” Tony questions Clint when he sees you standing precariously on top of the kitchen cabinets, wearing a carefully crafted blank expression on your face, your brows furrowed as you look up at the vent gauging the distance before you shift the contents around hiking it up on your shoulder shoving it into the vent. Tony watches with morbid curiosity on his face as a frown appears on Clint’s. Your feet disappear from sight, as the vent slams shut.
“[Name] was yelled at today by her boss at work, of course he forgot she is deaf then remembers when she stared at him with confusion. He managed to string ‘mentally retarded, handicap, and stupid’ into one sentence, really easy to read lips when they move slow emphasizing each word with an ‘are you stupid’ expression.” Scowling Tony stares back at Clint with an angered expression, “Did he fire her? Does that box have her desk items in it? Is she going to repor
:iconsweetjeans:sweetjeans 26 9
sonic in the bottle by shoppaaaa sonic in the bottle :iconshoppaaaa:shoppaaaa 3,599 549 ~ But.. we're still best buddies - right? ~ by Ati-Meerkat ~ But.. we're still best buddies - right? ~ :iconati-meerkat:Ati-Meerkat 24 12 Fanart ||  Villainous - WELCOME VILLAINS! by FloatingMegane-san Fanart || Villainous - WELCOME VILLAINS! :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,894 52 Fanart || H20Delirous - Why so delirious? by FloatingMegane-san Fanart || H20Delirous - Why so delirious? :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 960 48 06.01.2017 by Minegirl44 06.01.2017 :iconminegirl44:Minegirl44 7 8 The Beauty and the Beast by Myly14 The Beauty and the Beast :iconmyly14:Myly14 1,722 132 Werehog by captainkayla56 Werehog :iconcaptainkayla56:captainkayla56 167 27 Sonic-Ria by Unichrome-uni Sonic-Ria :iconunichrome-uni:Unichrome-uni 648 61 Shadow by root8beat Shadow :iconroot8beat:root8beat 1,120 166 At the shop by Myly14 At the shop :iconmyly14:Myly14 2,835 432 It'll be okay Sonic by Xx-JungleBeatz-xX It'll be okay Sonic :iconxx-junglebeatz-xx:Xx-JungleBeatz-xX 387 101 H20Vanoss doodles by FloatingMegane-san H20Vanoss doodles :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,199 46 [MMD] Kitten by BENNYdrowned2 [MMD] Kitten :iconbennydrowned2:BENNYdrowned2 2 4 I warned you by Sunstar789 I warned you :iconsunstar789:Sunstar789 9 31
Don't judge what I love ♡♡




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Mizuki Kumino
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Welcome to my dA

Enjoy my sketch book art as I do not have a computer just a phone and pencils 😊

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Update to artillery: Outlining makers and a laptop! Next goal is a drawing tablet

I'm invested in many fandoms and love animations to death

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I'm currently obsessed with Mystery Skulls and the animations (MysteryBen and Luis are Bae)


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